Narrar el mundo y la imaginación / Narrate the world and the imagination

Mes: noviembre, 2013


Neither war and partition nor any complication of spirituality has brought me here. Perhaps a sheer act of will, followed by pleasures rarely found elsewhere in the same  harmonious proportions.

Krishna, Lila

Part of the lure is music: the flute for blue Krishna’s lila, the expectorating noises in the passageway whisked into the monsoon rains, the sound of the conch shell once the puja finishes, the barber’s scissors, an orchestra of crickets, or the cats on heat. This music knits itself tightly in my ear in the same way that this neighbourhood knits itself like a galaxy: a precious bracelet beaming in the dark. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Anuncio publicitario


Just a few words to let readers know that the next post will be written in English. My own translation of the same post, edited in Spanish, will follow.
…pareo and taboo are maori words…
 Henri Matisse, Oceanía, La Mer
       Henri Matisse, Oceanía, La Mer

Let me take the opportunity to ask you for comments or suggestions of topics that I might find interesting to dwell upon. Opinions and suggestions are welcome anytime. In the meantime, I leave you with these two works by Henri Matisse on the Pacific Ocean, created after his journey in 1930 to Tahiti, where he bumped into F. W. Murnau who at that time was filming his masterwork, Taboo.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and Henri Matisse, in Papeete.

Murnau and Matisse, in Papeete, 1930

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