Porsche, as in Portia

Yes, her name is Porsche, pronounced as in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and she performed a few nights ago in Cherry Grove, Long Island.

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A full moon over the sea, a great night in Cherry Grove

I went to the Ice Palace for a quick drink before dinner but I stayed on captivated by Porsche: she is very good at imitating, with accuracy and shrewdness… and she is elegant to boot, despite her somehow inevitable -and sometime vulgar- tones of humour. Besides, I like drag queens and consider them essential to a proper education of both the mind and the body.

Porsche seducing the audience

Porsche seducing the audience

But what I really took to was her concise and pragmatic philosophy of sex. At a certain moment during the show, before singing Happy Birthday to a lesbian who sat in the first row, she asked the audience: “How many men here are heterosexual?” One man, two at most, raised coyly their hands.

Evening on the beach

Evening on the beach

Then she went on unperturbed: “And how many heterosexual women?” Only a woman who sat close to me raised her hand happily. “Now, she went on, how many gay men?” And most of men raised their hands noisily while she was already asking a fourth question: “And lesbians?” And then most of the crowd screamed in glee. But that wasn’t all.

A truth among many others

A truth among many others

I thought impossible that she had forgotten herself and all the trannies of the world so I wondered what was going to be the next question… And then, surrounded by mystery, she spoke slowly: “Can´t you figure out my next question? Could you really, possibly not know? Come on, try, say something…”

Petula Clark

As Petula Clark singing Downtown

And she finally asked the question: “And how many of you are don’t give a shit?” And everybody raised their hands uproariously until she started imitating Petula Clark and went on with the show. A lavish dose of La Porsche, I thought to myself, is a great formula for socio-political integration and might help to define good real priorities in any community.


Walking back home along the beach

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