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BRUNILDA, la heroina consciente


Christine Goerke, como Brunilda, después de una representación de La Walkiria, dirigida por Philippe Jordan, con la asombrosa producción de Robert Lepage.



David Bowie has died today. I heard the news when I was about to finish Oliver Sacks’ memoirs On the move: a Life.

Solaris / Blue Ham

Solaris / Blue Ham

In fact, I was reading for a second time the enthralling chapter where he considers not only colour but consciousness too, the result of a “construction” (almost artistic, shall I add?). After having written about “visual reality”, Sacks starts then displaying his amazing vision of “time reality”.



It’s sad that these two extraordinary men have left us (Sacks died last 30th August) and Zugvogelblog wants to pay tribute to them. What can be closer for me to being an atom or a neurone than dancing the night away, nonstop, frenetically? Let’s dance…



Dedicated to all Russians that fight sexual discrimination and political rejection 

Anton Chéjov asked himself what the best way would be to remove the slave’s skin that Russians wore. He might have thought of singing and dancing.

Nina Simone.  Never forget that you are free! Leer el resto de esta entrada »