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Dedicated to all Russians that fight sexual discrimination and political rejection 

Anton Chéjov asked himself what the best way would be to remove the slave’s skin that Russians wore. He might have thought of singing and dancing.

Nina Simone.  Never forget that you are free!

Meredith Monk.  Never forget what it means to sing with joy. Freedom is never crazy!

Zarah Leander.  Never forget that love is never a sin! It’s just love, whatever it is. This song was composed for her by a homosexual friend in Berlin during Nazi times.

The Ladies of Calcutta.  Never forget that Calcutta is a city on its own, with no obscure links to the Vatican apart from its sewage system!

Buster Poindexter.  Camp is not only the realm of swagger! Camp people use to be the first victims of abuse. Dance the rumba and feel happy on the boat of camp!

Henri Salvador/Giuseppe Verdi. Ah, bananas! The ultimate tropical camp fruit! So easy to eat! «Bananas for freedom!», as both Gildas would say…

Carmen Miranda.  More bananas, not in your hands but on top of your head! Bananas galore. Why not in Copacabana-Hollywood? …sheer queer «Sudaca» Orientalism.

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