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I lay on my stomach on the sand for a long time until a cool breeze woke me up. The beating of my own heart was omnipresent. In fact, that was the only thing I was aware of. That awareness, located somewhere between my ear and my breast seemed to me the most real expression of my life. I didn’t have any specific purpose but to look around and take pictures randomly. Then, movement seemed all pervasive: the breeze, the sea, my body, my heart. But there were things that remained impervious, motionless, and I felt instinctively attracted to those scenarios where utter stillness met with motion. Like the corals that lay a few meters from where I was, under the docile waters of the bay, the planets or the stars titillating on an ethereal backcloth. Only then I held the camera and started taking pictures: all those movements that I had perceived were then dancing within me and not only in front of me: the search itself was the biggest wave. That is how I got to depict, without knowing it, the flow of my own heart.

Water Dances I

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 Water Dances II

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Water Dances III

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