THE HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, by Thomas Ostermeier

por Zugvogelblog


     In the history of violence -that nobody has yet written with a sense of totality and global justice-, let us at least proceed step by step. On this occasion, Thomas Ostermeier has staged in Brooklyn the eponymous autobiographical novel by Edouard Louis, which basically concerns homosexuals: ethnically discriminated or not, immigrants and native, proletarians or dispossessed and nerds who signal themselves by feeling, and by reading too much for what it is expected from them. Persecuted, attacked, bullied, fallen ill, jailed or killed. Yes. But the first lesson? Violence is never a unilateral or a bilateral question; there are always more sides to it. And those other sides can be your own kin, homosexuals or not, your partner, your friends, your colleagues; or be within yourself, or be just a part of yourself or be simply right at the heart of your love. An excellent and talented rendition of Louis’ novel in German language by Ostermeier. Two hours that fly. A pleasure to see, despite the harrowing pain.


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